bloggingAs a online marketer I have learned it takes wisdom but also effort. To run a online business. Today I would like to share some ideas with you about dental seo. How you can be a better online marketer and market your business like a true business person. Let’s talk about blogging. When you blog do you have an idea for what you want? What is the product you are trying to promote? If I have a blog, I would want to create my topic around the blog. So if my business was on marketing systems. I would want to use keywords to use in my blog about marketing systems. I would want to put the title of my blog for the keyword 3 times in the blog. My first entry would be in the beginning of the blog. My 2end in the middle and the 3rd in the last part of my blog. Doing this Google will pick up on your blog. And your blog will be better written and have more traffic.

Blogging can be hard work. In the beginning when you write you may not have a lot to say. As you write, more you will begin to have a lot more to say. Some of the things I do is I read books or listen to an audio recording. You can find plenty of wealth information in this. I would suggest you find something in your reading perhaps an idea and write it down. The more you write it down the more you will be able to talk about it. My third thought on blogging is doing this for every week. The more you write the more you will become a better writer. Many people give up when blogging. They feel it’s a waste of their time. “I am not getting traffic so it must be a waste. There is a rule successful people will do something each day. They will become better and better. The non-successful people will stop. So What kind of person do you want to be a successful person or a non-successful person. It’s really up to you.

My last thought about blogging is simply this. Uses a word counter make sure your blog is 400 to 500 words. If you go to Google and put in word counter, you will get results. The more you use the Word counter the more traffic and easy it will be for people to find your blog. If you’d like to even get even more traffic to your blog, or even business, look into SEO services. Businesses like Managed Admin are dedicated to get you ranking number one on Google.