Website creation

Let me ask you this question is it best to create a website or have it custom made. There are many cons and pros to having a website built and having the website made by yourself. So let’s talk about the Pros and cons. If I wanted to take a website builder like and I created a website. I would need to follow the directions they give me I would need to know what to put in the website. Where to put my content and know what I was going to say. When building a website with a free website builder. You can learn a lot simply by learning and doing. As well as if you want a domain and hosting, you have that choice. Creating a website is not that hard you just need to know what you want.


You can also have the site custom made and have someone build the site for you. This is not hard. You can have freelancers build the site for you. There are many websites to find freelancers. All you need to do is look. You can go to or even All Freelancers will not charge the same fee. So you need to know what you want and create a budget to pay them. Now let’s say you have a website up how are you going to promote your website? Are you going to advertise online on Facebook how do you plan to market your website? A lot of people use Facebook to market their websites. If you are going to use this method. I would like to remind you Facebook has their policy’s. They do not want you to post your website over and over again and spam people. Just keep this in mind. There are many ways to market your website Facebook is just one method. I would advise you that if you were going to make a website I would advise you to create business cards. Put the website on business cards. If you do this you will find rewards in your effort.